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About Us

A Word from Our Director

North Channel Assistance Ministries was established in 1985 by a few local churches. We feed over 1,100 families each month at our facility or through our distribution program.

Our ministry provides an average of 150 to 200 pounds of food with each service. This is an amount that can supplement a family of 4 for a month at a very minimal cost to us; in large part, due to the generous donations that come from people just like you. North Channel Assistance Ministries is powered by generous donors and working partnerships with individuals and businesses that desire to be a part of helping those in need.

Food insecurity occurs when people do not have constant access to enough nutritious food. By volunteerism or a monetary donation, we can make a difference to end hunger.

No one person can solve this hunger problem, but with your dedicated help working together with us, we can and are making a huge difference. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Director Rodney Redford